Sleep Equipment & Supplies

Georgetown Sleep Equipment & Supplies

We provide high quality sleep equipment and supplies for CPAP, BI-PAP and auto SV therapy patients. Georgetown Sleep Equipment & Supplies is a medical equipment company co-located with Georgetown Sleep Center. This means our respiratory therapists have direct communication with our sleep physicians to address any needs if necessary.

We employ Registered Respiratory Therapists who work exclusively in sleep therapy and have years of experience in sleep medicine. The therapists can also provide guidance and tips to help you adjust to therapy, as well as offer solutions and troubleshooting for any problems you may incur.

We strive to help you get comfortable with your equipment and mask so that you fully benefit from your therapy resulting in a great night of sleep. It is our goal to supply our patients with the highest quality of equipment and supplies to enhance patient compliance and optimize treatment.

For more information or to make an appointment visit Georgetown Sleep Equipment and Supplies or call 512-868-5044.