Take the Sleep Quiz

The questions below will help decide if you need a sleep study. Each question determines how likely you are to fall asleep in different situations. Choose the answer that most closely applies to each situation. Then place the number that corresponds to your answer in the blank next to the question.

Low Chance 0 to High Chance 3
1. How likely are you to fall asleep sitting and reading?
2. Watching TV?
3. Sitting in a public place. For example, a theatre or meeting?
4. As a passenger in a car for an hour without a break?
5. Lying down to rest in the afternoon?
6. Sitting and talking to someone?
7. Sitting quietly after lunch (when you have had no alcohol)?
8. In a car, while stopped in traffic?

If your total adds up to 10 or more you are enduring excessive daytime sleepiness and should seek the advice of a sleep specialist without delay. For further information regarding the Georgetown Sleep Center call 512.868.5055.